Your Next Step

 Step – (step) n. one of a series of actions or measures taken to achieve a goal.

Whether you’re just beginning to investigate Christianity
or you have a growing relationship with Jesus—or anywhere in between—you matter to God, and you matter to us. God is inviting you to take a next step in your spiritual journey. Let us help!

 What’s Your Next Step?

I’m new to oneChurch.
Have you recently walked through our doors and wondered, “What is this church all about?” If so, then engage us in a conversation about that. Invite us to coffee, join us for lunch after a Sunday’s services, or join us for NEXT, where we provide a 20-minute overview of our mission and strategy as an organization. In a short conversation you can learn oneChurch’s history and core values, get answers for any questions you may have, and take time to discuss the next steps on your spiritual journey with one of our staff members. NEXT is held the third Sunday of every month, immediately after the worship services. You can also view the next video online at


I’m new to Christianity.
Everyone has questions about Christianity, and you might be looking for a place where you can talk through your questions. For you the best next step is to attend our 10 week Christianity 101 class that happens during the worship services. The curriculum for this class, which includes some really great video sessions is available free online at We have registration for new classes at our GroupLink events 4 times a year. You’ll hear about it when we start a new class!


I have a relationship with Jesus!
If you have a relationship with Jesus, then an important next step for you is baptism. Baptism doesn’t make someone a Christian, but it proclaims you have a relationship with Jesus to the world by following Jesus’ example and being baptized. Just like you wear a wedding ring to let everyone know whom you love, baptism is like a ring—a symbol of your love with God. You can let us know that you are interested today in person, through a Next info card, or through our ipad kiosk. Baptisms happen the first Sunday of every month at oneChurch.


I want to Build Relationships. How do I join a Group?
God created the church as a FAMILY—and community groups are where you form the relationships that really reflect family: knowing, loving, and serving one another. Groups form through our GroupLink events four times a year and occasionally through people who invite friends and start a gathering in their home with the guidance of our community pastor. GroupLink is an event that happens after worship four times a year, and allows you to meet group leaders as they form new gatherings. New groups spend eight weeks getting to know one another and learning about our goal for groups, then commit to meeting for twelve months with intentional discussion and prayer. Check our groups table for current info on groups, and leave us a connection card with the times during the week you are available to meet. Our community pastor will get in touch with you about groups you can join.


I would like to Contribute.
We can’t continue to do this amazing thing called church without your help, and God can’t grow you fully unless you are serving Him regularly. Play a crucial role in helping us connect other people to God AND get to know our family by finding a place to serve with us. Discovering an area that fits you is simply a matter of connecting you with our leaders in a few areas, and letting you try out each opportunity—there’s no obligation to serve until you find God’s fit. By trying out the opportunities, you’ll make some friends and find an area that you are passionate about contributing to. We are confident that if you’ll serve with us, you’ll be amazed at the results—people will connect to God through your contribution. Our goal is for all our members to serve at one service and go to one service, so you don’t have to miss out on worship to be involved. Leave us a Next info card with the areas you would be interested in trying out so we can have our leader connect with you.


I’m all in, what’s does 100% involvement look like?
Our ultimate goal is for you to be fully-engaged in the Christian life by being fully-engaged with us and in the places God has called you to serve. We would ask you to participate in our Ownership class, where we talk about God’s design for our lives and how our church model attempts to facilitate God’s design for us. We will discuss how each person is uniquely created to fit as part of the church family—not just as an spectator on Sunday mornings. To take the class, you’ll want to leave us a Next card so we will know to expect you, and begin to look at the materials the talk about Membership at

If you have any questions or concerns not mentioned here, then contact one of our pastors and let us know how to serve you better!

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