TXT: Part 3 – Panoramic View

64% of U.S. adults own a smartphone, and 46% of smartphone owners say their smartphone is something “They couldn’t live without.” Why? Of course, texting and calling play a big part. But an even bigger part is taking pictures. Do you remember when cameras weren’t attached to our phones? They could zoom and flash and focus. Cameras were great. And remember photographs? They used to be physical things. You put them in a book or in a frame or even carried them around in your wallet! Those were good times.

Now we have smartphones. We’re taking more photos than ever, but what happens to them? We forget about the pictures we take so quickly that there are even apps that bring old photos to our attention. Many times, it’s easy for us to forget getting into God’s Word, because we don’t understand how it all fits together. Maybe it’s time for us to refocus our lens so we see the panorama of how God’s story all fits together within the 66 books we call the Bible.

BIG IDEA: Getting a panoramic pic of the Bible helps us see the big picture of God’s story…

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