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The Walking Dead: Part 1 – Leprosy

Life is difficult, and at some point all of us walk around with a sense that we are unclean–broken, sick, or just too bad to merit being valuable to anyone. In Matthew 8, Jesus encounters a man who encompasses this … Continue reading

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Silent Nights: Part 3 – The Story Behind the Story

When God is silent, we’re tempted to think he’s absent. That’s why the Christmas story is so important. You can’t separate the “Silent Night” of Christmas from the 400 years of Silent Nights between the Old and New Testaments. Christmas … Continue reading

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Getting Past Your Past: Part 1 – Labels

The truth is, so many of us, we are held in bondage from things that happened in our past. And so, in the next few weeks, here’s what we are going to cover: A lot of us, someone betrayed us, … Continue reading

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Revised: Encounters with Jesus – Part 3 – Excuses

Today, we’re finishing our series (revised). In this series, we see Jesus’ story intersects other’s stories, and when that happens, something truly remarkable happens. Jesus revises our story and makes something unbelievably amazing happen. It is all about priorities. In … Continue reading

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A Great Light in the Darkness: Christmas at oneChurch

The culture in which Jesus arrived as a baby, isn’t that much different than the culture you and I live in today. Jesus came into the world during a really dark time—people were desperately looking for and longing for peace, … Continue reading

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