New Groups – Wk #8 – The Group Covenant

 Small Group Covenant

oneChurch is a gathering of God’s family—we want everyone to have close, intimate relationships with people in our midst. Small groups allow us to do this by committing to create a predictable environment where 8-18 people gather weekly for a year to pursue authentic community and spiritual growth.

In order to make the most of our year together, we have to agree to make the following a priority:


While prayer and discussion of curriculum are key elements of a community group, the driving force behind the group is the

building of relationships. We need to commit time and effort to spending time with each person or couple in our group, getting to know them and serving their needs.

A Safe Place for Authenticity: Respect and Confidentiality

The atmosphere of our group should encourage openness and transparency among members. This is an environment

where people should feel free to be themselves—even exposing their confusion and struggles. For authenticity to occur, members must be able to trust that issues discussed with our group will not be shared outside the group. We will also refrain from giving quick answers, snap judgments or simple fixes. Lastly, we will maintain an attitude of respect for one another. Group members should never say anything that will embarrass their spouse or members of the group—and should be careful that their jokes are not made at the expense of someone else in the group.
Regular Attendance

In order to build relationships and grow spiritually, we need weekly interaction. You can’t grow close to people you’re not around—and you can’t pray for people you only see once a month. We must make coming to group a priority, and let others

know when you can’t make it. Make it a point to share your contact information, and to intentionally add everyone’s number to your phone.


We are stubborn people, and often blind to our own faults. In order to grow, we need people to push us, and “get in our business” in a loving manner. We will be open to the people in this group pushing us to learn, asking tough questions about our behavior, and holding us to living a godly lifestyle.

Serving Others

We can do MORE together than we could apart. Working as a team, we can take on larger projects in our community. Let’s find some ways to serve as a group to help others—and that will help us remember that our city is full of hurting people who need relationships like we have, and resources that can only be found with the teamwork God has given his family.

All people are desperate for good friendships. We are in this group hoping to create some this year—but we don’t ever want to get so comfortable in our group relationships that we leave people out. So when our year is up, (and sometimes during our year) we will intentionally make room to add some people…either replacing people who moved away or by turning one group into two, so that there is room for more people to be a part of our church family.

I commit with the other members of my group to honor this agreement
so that we can pursue being God’s family for this season of life before us.

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