Simple: Part 4 – Own It!

step upOwnership provides privilege, pride, freedom, and a sense of responsibility. When you rent, you don’t get those same feelings, because it isn’t yours. We rag out things that aren’t ours, but we take responsibility when we’re the owner. There’s a principle there. Something happens when you feel ownership. You no longer act like a spectator or consumer, because you’re an owner. Faith is at its best when it’s that way too. It’s best lived when it’s owned.

BIG IDEA: When you’re an owner, you no longer act like a spectator or consumer.

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Last week, Chris painted a vision for us as a church that explains where we’re going over the next 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years. We’re calling it the Step Up Initiative, and we’re asking overone to Step Up and become an Owner at

In a nutshell, here’s our Step Up Plan:

  • In 2 years, we want to be in a permanent location. With this facility we want to serve the community with an events center, partner with Art Link and have after school activities for kids, and do church in on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for our students.
  • In 5 years, to start another in Clarksville, essentially becoming one Church meeting in two different locations. We have hired our current staff structure so that we can duplicate what we’re doing on Sunday morning at another location in Clarksville.
  • In 10 years, to plant another oneChurch close to another military base where our soldiers are moving. (Again, you can click HERE to listen to this message))

So, what can you do right now?


  • Click to sign up for our Ownership events. Step up and become an owner HERE
  • Step up and start giving – Click Here to
  • Step up and commit to launching churches around Clarksville and at another military base here in the United States – Click HERE to Step Up!

I am closing with a snippet of this dream we have here at If you didn’t hear it in person, you can capture the picture of where we’re going as a church.


We want this to be a place where the community hangs out. I see a place where we do concerts on the lawn and gigs on the grass where secular bands come and play, similar to what Jazz on the lawn does at Beachhaven Winery. We want to have a place where people who are far from God can come and hang out with Christians—and like it!

I see skateboard parks. I see students who don’t fit in anywhere else come to hang out at a safe place after school where they skate and grind, get help with homework, and where we provide mentors to help boys become men—where we teach boys what it means to do manhood—how to treat girls. How to change oil. How to lead and how to follow. Where we provide female mentors to help girls become women—who treat others with kindness, how to dress with humility. How to see themselves as God sees them—with value. Show them how not to use sex to get what they want, but teach them that sexual purity paves the way to intimacy later. That is my dream.

I see a place where soldiers and their families are loved on. A place that helps people through the healing of PTSD. A place where we help men and women who struggle with porn addiction.

I see a place where we connect people who are trying to start a family with children who have no family. I see a place where we care for the orphan. That we show people how to foster children and how to adopt children and a place where we help make that happen.

I see a community. I see people beyond measure. I see a culture of faith, hope, and love. Where people come to believe, truly belong, and start to become. I see Christ. I see His hands, His feet, His eyes, and His tears. I see people who have entered into the kingdom of God and have discovering what it means to live that out in their everyday lives. I see a day where every soul in Clarksville is just one friend away from the oneChurch community. This is my dream.

 I see a caring community. I see a place where everyone matters, and no one stands alone. I see authenticity and acceptance. I see thousands of people in Community Groups who live by the principles, “Know and be known. Accept and be accepted. Love and be loved.” I see people doing their lives together and not apart. I see firsthand the power of honesty and the strength of togetherness. I see dirty, scary neighborhoods transformed by the love of a single Community group. I see a soldier’s wife whose husband is deployed being loved in her Community Group. I see men from oneChurch are able to step in and love another soldier’s kids whose away fighting to protect our freedoms. I see a community group come together and do yard work and construction on a deployed soldiers house to a family who needs loving and care.

I see sharing. I see houses that are shared. I see shared food and clothes, shared time and money. I see a culture where everything is viewed as a kingdom tool, and held loosely with grateful hands. I see children playing together and learning from their parent’s example what it means to live in a caring community. I see isolated people connected with friends with whom they now do life together.

I see a grown man weep for his sins for the first time, and I watch as friends hold him. I see an elderly woman laugh for the first time in years, as she covers her mouth as her eyes fill with joy. I see people’s lives transformed by the greatest healing force in the universe—the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Healing drug addicts, healing alcoholics, healing egotists, healing sex addicts, healing people suffering with emotional problems, healing marriages that are one step away from divorce—I see Him healing sinners. I see a day where every soul in Clarksville must personally choose loneliness over community, because they have been bombarded with love from this local church from every turn and every neighborhood. This is my dream.

I see an expressive community. People who richly express the love in their hearts to their God. I see creativity, song, art, imagination, freedom, mystery, and prayer that melt into a mosaic of worship. I see people on their knees. I see worship that is deep, passionate, intense, and original. I see dramatic sketches that are funny, emotive, and targeted. I see our children singing songs and dancing together, and learning hand motions, who go home and teach their parents what they have learned and who together, for the first time, they sing together as a family to God. I see grown men and women discovering what it means to really worship. I see accountants and lawyers behind easels.  I see algebra teachers reading poetry. I see artists swinging hammers to build homes in Africa. I see a carpenter give water to a homeless child in China.

I see mystery. I see story. I see creativity. I see beauty. This is my dream.

I see a serving community where we take the community that we are experiencing and we turn it outwards. I see sweat and I see tears. I see calloused hands that resemble the hands of Christ. I see workers and builders and advocates. I see the poor esteemed, the elderly revered, and the youth protected. I see targeted ministries to prostitutes, pimps, and porn peddlers. I see truckloads of clothes and sandwiches for the homeless. I see a house that is a 24/7 for the poor and the abused. I see people learning together how to trust. I see an abandoned elderly lady dying in the arms of a changed and redeemed bigot. I see millionaires living on a teacher’s salary. I see the rich housing the poor. I see a village in Africa among the Bissa people group where doctors, nurses, teachers, and soldiers from oneChurch serving there every year.

I see the children of oneChurch as grown ups. And when I look at them, I see missionaries and ministers and risk-takers for the kingdom of God. I see a day when oneChurch has multiple campuses overseas so when soldiers and their families get orders to go to Germany and Korea—oneChurch is there. That we are literally oneChurch meeting in multiple locations. I see oneChurch planting a church in the Clarksville community over the next five years—where we send some of our staff and people out to plant a church where there are no churches in Clarksville. A church in Sango. A church back in a movie theater. This is my dream.

I see a radical community. I hear the mission loud and clear. A timeless revolutionary as Jesus says, “Follow Me.” I see people on a journey, where they are loved across the line of faith. They start to grow. They become extreme about their faith. I see people whose hearts are on fire, where other people see that there is something different about them and they have no fear. I see people who will follow Jesus where He goes. I see people who are filled with passion and gratitude and who are amazed everyday at the grace of God. I see people who are known by the fire in their souls—the wild-eyed gratification in their faces and the twinkle in their eyes. I see people who know how to laugh and do so together often. I see a man who gives up his secure job to go back to school to pursue his passion. I see a girl who takes a year off from college to go serve on the mission field. I see a man who leaves his corporation behind because the work is killing his soul. I see people who give up the possessions that are possessing them. I see people who are filled with awe, astonishment, and amazement. I see people who are known for their radical love. This is my dream.

I see a growing community. I see thousands and tens of thousands. I see a twelve year old girl weeping as she baptizes her father. I see aged parents on their knees thanking God for the return of their prodigal. I see an ex-prostitute sharing her new-found faith with her drug-dealing boyfriend. I see a thousand people baptized in one night. I see a day when we are having multiple services in multiple theaters at the same time because we just can’t get everyone all in this theater. I see a formerly unreached people group across the globe who have once never heard of Jesus now pointing to this church in middle Tennessee and thanking them for their salvation. I see our church partnering with other churches from various denominations across Clarksville, willing to stand together to love the unlovable. Reach the unreachable.

I see Christ with a hammer in heaven, with one eye on this revival in Clarksville—He is building mansions at a feverish pace trying to keep up with those who are daily coming to faith in Him.

I see the end. I see all of us in heaven, in this celestial chamber, where we will hear Him speak the words, “Well done, good and faithful church. You were trusted with a little, now you will be in charge of much. Enter into your reward.” And I see your face there. You are rested. You are fulfilled. You are smiling. We look around the room together at the thousands who might have faced a bitter eternity without our effort, and we weep for joy. At the same time, we both say the same statement in unison. We look at each other, and we whisper, “It was worth it!” “It was worth it!” We smile. And God smiles with us. That is my dream. That’s my dream. Will you join us in that Dream? 

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