Q&A: What Do You Want to Know???

Tomorrow we break from the traditional sermon format and take time to answer some of YOUR questions about the Bible, God, and the spiritual life. The audience will help us build the message in real time by texting questions to (931) 614-0339 or sending them via our form: https://onechurch1.wufoo.com/forms/q-a-ask-any-question/ So that begs the question…what do you really want to know?

Click Keep Reading below for a preview of some of the questions we addressed in the sermon tomorrow, as well as the video of the answers. We couldn’t get to all your questions, to take a look at our follow up post to read more here.

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First, hear the Heart of the Staff:

How do you spend time with God personally each week? What resources do you use?

What is God having you learn/relearn/focus on in your walk with Him right now?


Then listen as we talk about our faith walk…

Talk about big steps in your faith walk…what things really changed the way you saw God, saw church, and dealt with life?

What compelled you to go from a spectator at church, to getting involved?


Finally, let’s talk about some of the BIG questions that are out there…

What makes Christianity different from other religions?

Why doesn’t oneChurch make big moral stands like other churches against things like homosexuality, etc?

What is baptism? Why should I do it?

If I got off track with God, can I/how do I get back on track? What happens to the sin I have done since I asked Jesus for forgiveness?

Why does the Bible say Jesus was in the grave 3 days?

From an audience member:

“I have been sitting in service, growing my relationship. You all have been talking about with change, comes some bad. WOW! It is striking my family hard this month. Every week has been something bad. How do I remain strong for my family and myself? How do I remain true to what I am trying to build, when it keeps getting knocked down?”

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