Pursued: Part 2 – Pursued By Grace

It’s human nature to run from God. People see Him as police officer chasing them down or a judge waiting to convict them of all their crimes. But God doesn’t pursue us with judgment, He pursues us with grace. God offers a beautiful picture of grace in the story of
Hosea and Gomer. His wife is lost in a life of prostitution, owing more debts than she can ever hope to pay. God tells Hosea to not only pay the price for his lost wife, but to “go and
love her,” despite her failures. This is the nature of God’s extravagant grace. He loves us when we are least lovable. He pays a high price for us when we are least valuable. It’s time to stop running and be caught by grace.

BIG IDEA: God pursues us not to make us pay, but to set us free.

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