Not Actually Jesus: Part 4 – Love’s Limits

Big Idea: God’s limitless love compels us to express love without limits, bias, or prejudice.

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Discussion Questions:

What ethnic and social slurs (funny or serious) have you seen in movies, in TV and in Clarksville?
Example: Dumb and Dumber, Lyoid Christmas insults the lady on the motorized wheelchair.

Do you get tend to get more interested or less interested when meeting someone from a different language, culture, or ethinic background? Why do you think people tend to connect with people like them, rather than people who are different?

In what ways have anger and hatred surfaced in your life?

How has God called you to work through your anger?

What anger do you still fight to let go of, or need to work through for the first time?

Do you transfer anger toward one person onto their family or people who share their race or religion?

Where do we find the capacity to love our enemies? How can we be the better man? What gives us enough reason, motivation, and gratitude? (list all the reasons you can think of)

Read about it: God removes the reasons for Jews to draw lines along lines of clean vs. unclean…to separate Jews and non-Jews.
Acts 10

Additional Notes:

Kevin’s takeaways:
1. The Word of God is True.
2. We must love of people

Reaching Muslims:
1. Realize who the real enemy is (love muslims, reject Islam)
2. Radical Islam is a black eye on the reputations of Muslims today…as if people defind Christians as if we were all members of the KKK.

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