It’s All God’s – Part 3: Debt

It's All Gods

We live in a world that relies heavily on the “enjoy now, pay later” philosophy. This belief is the foundation upon which the credit card industry was built. Because you want what you want when you want it, you can rationalize swiping the credit card to your heart’s content. There is no burden on you until the bill comes in the mail. Wiping the credit card slate clean isn’t always an option due to a lack of funds. Your answer: Pay the minimum balance to avoid a late fee. Unfortunately, “Minimum balance” is nothing more than the deception of minimum responsibility. It allows you to live in denial of the fact that your
desires are unchecked and your spending is out of control. Just as long as a creditor isn’t knocking at your door or harassing you by phone, you are comfortable surviving in debt.

BIG IDEA: Financial bondage never happens from not having enough income, but by over-spending and living beyond our means.

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