It’s All God’s: Beyond the Sermon Series


It's All Gods

Do you need to pursue these financial issues beyond our sermon series?
Would you like to discuss some of these issues in a group setting?
Here are two ways to go deeper with the subject of Stewardship:


So often the power of a Sunday message gets lost of the busy week that starts shortly after. We would encourage everyone engaged in a community group to consider talking through these financial principles with the people they are doing life with. Comparing budgets, discussing giving methods, and planning for the future with others can really help make the suggestions we have made during our sermon series a real part of your life. has provided the four-part series Money Matters that will help you discuss finances in your group. Feel free to borrow the DVD’s from our small group’s ministry or watch them online through YouTube with your group. Click the image below for the download link.


If you are not currently in a small group or you want to connect with great depth on how to manage your money, we are starting a Financial Peace class in 2013. Spend 9 weeks learning in a powerful discussion that will answer questions about retirement, real estate, and many other relevant topics.

Click Here to get info and register for our class.

or Click Here to search Dave Ramsey’s website for a class that fits your schedule better.

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