God with Us: Part 1 – Mary, Joseph & the Shepherds

God WIth Us TitleEver felt the chaos of Christmas? Things that start off so beautiful become terrorizing and terrifying by the end of the season. The songs you love to sing become annoying. The food you look forward to eating you get sick of. The parties you been anticipating become a burden. Is that how you want to spend this Christmas? Do you think that this is how God wants you to spend this Christmas?

To understand all that God did through the birth of His son Jesus to radically change and redeem our story. God gave us a whole new way to live, to love, and have relationship with him and others—all through the birth of a little baby, born in a forgotten town, to a teenage mother. This week, we learn that God demonstrated his love for us by entering into our human story and giving us a better story with him.

BIG IDEA: What would you do if you knew God was with you?

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