Christianity 101 – Session 1: God’s Story

Ever wonder why people who have a different faith than ours seem so…different?

Why is it that we often have such a hard time understanding where another person comes from, or how they see the world?

Also, do you ever fee like your life has no purpose? That you are lost or without direction?

Those who experience this sense of lostness or the inability to understand another person’s perspective have often described it as if they were an actor on stage…but without knowledge of the script of the play, or even what kind of character they were called to play. Sometimes they even feel as if the others on stage with them are trying to act out a completely different play–and that’s why they have so much trouble understanding them.

Life is full of paradigm-shifting moments: a traumatic injury, the loss of a loved one, a career change, etc. Moments where our perspective changes and we consider giving up one life role in favor of another.

Christianity–the story of the Bible and the historical figure of Jesus invite us to change our perspective. They challenge us to see ourselves in the grand epic story that God has been writing since the beginning of time. To do so may mean that we have to give up our current roles, and reconcile events in our lives that have caused us to have different beliefs about God. But we are doing so against the historical figure of Jesus, the writings of over 40 authors and the most ancient, dynamic writings in the world today.

I hope you’ll open your heart and mind to the next 9 weeks, and allow us to help you see the world from a different perspective. The perspective of a God who loves you more than anyone else ever could. A God who has gone to the ends of the earth to rescue you and bring you into a relationship with Him, forever.

Good Discussion Questions:

What books or people or things have you encountered that have changed your whole life?

Example: How has your cellphone changed life as you know it?

  • No more remembering numbers
  • No more needing a map/gps
  • Always available, always able to be reached.

What people in your life encourage you to resist change like Truman’s friends did?

What friends in your life encourage you to change?

Questions to Write about:

  • What has shaped my concept of God? (People, Videos, Books)
  • Were those influences good or detrimental to me?
  • What role has God played in your story up to the present time?
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