Christianity 101 – Session 5: Moses and the Law

Big Idea: God really does have our best interests in mind. We have to learn to trust Him.

Scripture: Genesis 15:12-16, Exodus (whole book), specifically: Passover (Ex. 11:1-12:13) & the 10 Commandments (Ex. 20:1-17), Matt 22:34-40 (Jesus summarizes the Law), Romans 2:14-16

Video: Moses Meets God – The Burning Bush

Video Presentation by Dave Thompson:

Key Points to Consider:

God is not about rules. He is about relationship. The story of Exodus is the story of God miraculously giving the people of many nations someone to believe in. Only if they chose the relationship would they find there were standards of behavior that would need to be maintained for the relationship to be healthy.

God’s rescue of the Jews from Egypt is an epic tale. God uses Moses, a man who took justice into his own hands at one time. He sends 10 plagues to punish evil people and prove that the Egyptian gods have no power. He parts the sea. He provides food in the desert. And He has the Jews plunder the Egyptians as they leave, so that they don’t leave poor.

Laws tell us about the Lawmaker. He values justice, honesty, healthy relationships, and care for the poor and marginalized because He is honest, just, and seeks healthy relationships. And in order to have a good relationship with Him, we must come to value those same things.

God designed life to work a specific way—our actions outside of that only hurt ourselves and others. He wrote that design on our hearts as well as in the Bible. Our conscience prods us when we deviate from God’s design—it can be corrupted, but everyone has a sense of right and wrong, a hunger for fairness and justice.

God’s justice system works like our justice system—you don’t get off if you do more good than bad. If you murder, you pay the penalty for murder, regardless of how many lives you have saved. There are no balancing scales. It is about being guilty or innocent. And none of us are innocent. The Laws of the Old Testament make that clear. That’s why in the Old Testament, death always atoned for sin. Animals paid the penalty for their owners.

There are a lot of Laws, but they always come back to relationships. Laws are about relationships—we must have integrity and trust to sustain relationships. There must be a standard of behavior. Jesus summarized all the Laws in two statements: Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself.

From the Prince of Egypt: The Parting of the Red Sea:

Questions to Write About:

  • Read Exodus Ex. 20:1-17. What would the world be like if everyone obeyed the 10 commandments?
  • Think about past relationships. Where did deviation from something in the 10 commandments cause the relationship to go sour?
  • Do you believe God is law-abiding? Why or why not?
  • Why didn’t God make the nation prove itself before He delivered them from Egypt? Why would He only set rules later, and not at the beginning?


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