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Real Housewives of the Bible: Rahab

Who are some people that you think that God would or could never use? The type of person that, because of their label, would make God look bad? Murders? Adulterers? Child molesters? Terrorists? Traitors? Prostitutes? Whores? The answer may not … Continue reading

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Bad Ink: Part 4 – Porn

We are part of a culture that spends more money each year on pornography than country music, rock music, jazz music, classical music, Broadway plays, and ballet combined. Well, today we’re exposing the dirty little secret called pornography. It is … Continue reading

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Bad Ink: Part 3 – Beautiful Ugly

Few people are comfortable in the skin God gave them. The voices of Hollywood in the latest fashions meet us daily in the grocery line bombarding us with messages of success and power telling us what we should be. Will … Continue reading

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Bad Ink: Part 2 – Man Up

In our culture the definition of masculinity has been blurred. Most men in our culture if they are honest have a nagging question that won’t go away. It goes something like this, “there must be more than this?” So often … Continue reading

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