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At the Movies: Moana

“You may hear a voice inside. If the voice starts to whisper, ‘To follow the farthest star, Moana?’ That voice inside is Who you are.” – Grandma Tala BIG IDEA: Love selflessly instead of fearing selfishly.

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Labels: Part 2 – Can of Soup

It bothers some people when cans have no labels. Without labels, we have to take the time to open and discover what’s in there. We label people because we don’t want to take the time to see what’s really inside. … Continue reading

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Resolutions: Part 4 – THIS WALL WON’T BUILD ITSELF

Most people begin the new year asking, “What should I do about me?” In this series, we introduced a different question: “What breaks your heart?” If you want to become a better person, do something to make the world a better place. … Continue reading

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Right in the Eye: Part 2 – One King Leads to Another

The bottom line, the kind of thing that’s driving our time together around this series, is we’re looking at sort of like the underbelly of the American Dream, sort of that unspoken part of the American Dream that goes like … Continue reading

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Follow: Part 4 -Leading Great

We don’t usually associate leadership with the church. Leadership is about what could and should be. We assume the church is about what has been. But Jesus was the greatest leader who ever lived. He modeled a unique approach to … Continue reading

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