Bottom of the Ninth, Part 2: Not “Why?” But “Who?”

Have you ever felt behind financially, relationally, or emotionally? Have you ever felt so behind that you didn’t know how to start catching up? The more time went by, the more you lost hope. These are bottom-of-the-ninth moments. But when you feel down, don’t lose hope. You’re never out. You can still turn the game around. All of us experience bottom-of-the-ninth moments when our problems become so big that the only thing we can see is our problems. We ask questions of God, like “God, if you’re in control? Why is my life so out of control?

Why aren’t you moving and acting?” It’s during those bottom-of-the-ninth moments when we choose to focus on God and worship Him, our big problems shrink when focused on a God who has moved—and will move again, in our life. Because being thankful and worshiping God is an intentional choice—not just a reaction to our circumstances of life.

BIG IDEA: Asking ‘Who’ instead of ‘Why?’ will help you move forward and not get stuck.

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